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All the phenomenal fans and artists converge at Joina City as exceptional oncoming quite prominent inspirational hip hop artist is set to release his fourth studio album on the 26 of August .Noel Borerwe AKA Nowizz has been a force on himself in the last four years, bringing out beyond imagination projects to the masses. His recent projects are Inspiration, Moments of love 2014 and No doubt no fear 2015 and this year his project is titled Promises, speaking to Nowizz in an interview this is what the artist has to say:
“Yes Album title Promises, a compilation of songs done over winter and it’s based on how everything here on earth has an end promise or whenever we begin something it’s a beginning with a promise to a cause……..Trusting this time around there will be many ears ready for the music”.

Talking of Promises Nowizz added that there no features on the album, and this creates a more expectant craving as he has recently been known to be an artist who works with diverse talent. Recently he broke the long silence by releasing a single to the album titled Tick Forward which has been trending and has won the hearts of many ,the song is a free download single available on this link

Promises was recorded at Bring2Reality Entertainment , a label that has nurtured the artist and watch him spread, the album will be launched at Planet Yolo located at Joina City 3rd floor from 6m -8pm.Other artists to embrace the event include the $1 Copacabana hit maker and Switch artist Joza ,Comedian SP ,Dephene ,Obezzy and SK Family

It can be accepted beyond doubt that the radical activism, determination and courage of Nowizz has brought so much into the industry and it is always something of paramount nature. After being asked about what he is expecting from fellow workers, this what he had to say:

“Looking forward to have those who will connect with the album to share with friends as well for distribution is important to reach the next brother and sister who would love to hear some great truth. It is pretty obvious that we all are going through things in life whether negative and positive i strongly believe that my album will give you an edge in going through the day for music has proven a powerful tool for the brain”.

With the industry facing a lot of challenges due to issues beyond human control we believe that hardships prepare ordinary people to an extra ordinary destiny and we will continue to do what is right and not what is easy. Try to be part of this gathering on the 26th, your presence matters and remember it’s the moment together that changes us forever.


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