Carry your Cross Album Review

This week we shall look at Whistle’s new album titled Carry your Cross. Album was launched on the 9th of April 2016 at Empire. This is a 12 track with tracks produced by a team of five as follows: G.I.L, Mclyne Beats, Croft, P2 Dadh and Huniland Ent.

Front cover album art is very much appealing with a person carrying his cross. Now I will say I was supposed to do an album review of this artist’s DVD album and well it took me time thus we had to start with the new stuff first. This album is very unique because to me it also had a spiritual revival for me personally.


To tell you the truth, when I first met this guy I was like mati this guy raps? really? My first impression of him was like diaster, what can come out from this guy honestly, but let me tell yah all something. Mwari vakandiratidza kuti His word is always true, 1 Samuel 16:7 says, But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”So ini hangu had to repent on that cause am the people that God said in this verse, I fulfilled his word which is always true apa  , let’s get straight into the album that, my partner (Leccoo) and I reviewed.

The first track is Carry your Cross produced by G.I.L, Whistle starts by quoting Luke 9:23 The he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. I love the chorus which says, “I’ve been tried,…………. I’ve been been lost now am found, I’ve been shaken ….I’ve been through it all………….but I have learned to carry my cross. Callings are hard everyday when you carry your cross. Just as business is hard when you gonna bear a loss, cause when you get famous you stop been a man, people will start to looking at you like a superman. No more mistakes stay focused like a cameraman. Cause preparation is the key to elevation, those who live by revelation never face relegation if your valley is so deep, the greater the inspiration to the nation. My tribulations are my greatest citations,leg shaking, mind spinning, pen bleeding with creativity am defying the laws of gravity & objectivity, am running the good race, they can’t even chase my pace.Can’t even look into my face, while am shining by His grace from the new beginning mixtape, chembere dzikaita haiwa idzi inyasha, vanaKhule vondiona vobva vati haiwa Whistle wacho ane hukasha! (pakaipa zvotoda hukasha sevana vaKristo!!!!!!!). My music is a prophecy best believe, that it is prophetic. I rap about my life, so you can call it prolific (hokoyo). I’ve been through it all, getting no airplay, sabotaging some shows. Standing on the stage while I face people’s rage. Being cancelled out, cause you sing some gospel. Even some pastors looking at you like your fifthly and sin. (Not only pastors do this but we as Christians are all guilty of looking at new convents as filth and sin). Am stuck behind the enemies’ lines like BryThreesixty, am on a complete revolution evolution, of malfunction to this petition. Am a man on a mission, born to upgrade my position in the body of Christ, because this is my life. I was born for the gospel, I will die for the gospel. Jesus Christ did it for me on the cross of Calvary, He held upon the cross because of me, and chose to die for my sin, so me and my house we shall serve the Lord. Learn to carry your cross, just serve Him more.” This is so so true, if you have been in the Christian faith for sometime you can relate very much to this song. Just like my previous blog ……..There is pain in the offering, says it all in the song! There is pain in the offering. No wonder I love this song speaks real life prolific issues lolest……..

The 2nd track is H-Town. “Welcome to the H-Town the city of hope, a place with no poverty but the streets of gold, where there is no struggle about praising the Lord. A place with no shame but only glory to God. Welcome to the H-Town the city of hope, a place with no poverty but the streets of gold, where there is no struggle about praising the Lord. That’s the place we going yoh! Whistle, When you hear the H you better know am talking heaven, a place that puts demons pamahwani kunge eleven, but bring prophecy to completion like number seven. The day saints will fly high, as a raven. This is a place where some people will call heretic, but when it comes to Jesus am never apologetic. I have been called to His glorious kingdom of innumerable company of angels. The city of the Living God, am talking heavenly Jerusalem. A place to live by faith, and not only by sight. Where darkness is rare but only God’s glory is light. The bible says it shall come like a thief in the night. To the lost they call it rapture, worst moment to capture, cause soon as the archangel blow the horn, there won’t be any structure left, it’s not a bunch of money for you to get there, but only your heart! Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 read it yourself what will happen when the Lord comes back! Chorus. So everyday I always dream about it, I preach about it, always making it a decree, graduated in this world, but still can’t master my masters’ degree. He gives me bars with teeth, you can call them Godzilla. His word is what am hanging on like a gorilla, cause the day is coming when I will meet the family like Ben Stiller, it sounds like a fairy tale but, heaven is realer, if you don’t believe, ask yourself who ordered the waters from overflowing the earth, or who spoke to the skies, that they may only umbrella all your see, He created all your see with His hands free. You only seek to believe, but greater is he who believes to see. It’s your faith that works the miracle and makes it sound prolific. Cause His word is true, it’s coming to pass, it is prophetic………………………..” Personally I just can’t wait for this day to come and I always pray that I may be found in the right standing with God cause I do not ever wanna be Left Behind!

Here is what my partner had to say about H-Town


H town, a single Whistle released also comes in the scene .Well I am sure this takes one out of the subjects matter and questions will be like, what does Harare have got to do in this carry your cross album? Well the artist is telling the audience that welcome to a blessed town ,a place of peace ,freedom a blessed town where God can be worshiped freely.This shows that God is not just dealing with individuals but also there is a level of cities ,towns ,and nations .This song really takes away the prejudice that is associated with H town ,false assumptions and strongholds that have planted themselves within the mindsets of many citizens in and around the city and letting the word of God define its identity and not the propositions of mankind.

The third song produced by G.I.L is Can’t Wait. I can say that the beat here was on another level, and this is my other favorite track from the album.  Why I love this song it’s because it’s a song in season, I was just thinking about this last month, sometimes you just say Come, Lord  (I Corinthians 16;22) yes Maranatha. For me, just as Whistle says in his song right here, I also Can’t Wait for the Lord to come!

“Whistle, hanzi whistle rasa mwenje nekuti nyika yese yavamurima hah, ndavaunza aiwa bodo nekuti ndine yangu ndima yekurima. haaa. hanzi upenyu mutoro, ndavaunza please go to the gym. So you can get some biceps and triceps, to carry your cross to follow Christ on each day. Ah! Cause we don’t fight battles with our strength, we fight battles while we on our knees. We get wealth while we in our sleep. I feel sorry for my brothers blowing trees, they need a campus, to find direction. We trust in God to reach our destiny, they need a degree to be successful, we only need wisdom so that we can make it!


I can’t wait till I get to heaven, you know I can’t wait (echo)

I can’t wait to meet with my Maker (echo)

I can’t wait till it’s Judgement day (echo)

when God  will tell me well done my faithful servant (echo) ah x2

On my God I can’t wait, to walk the streets of gold, to wake up in Zion and believe everything am told.I can’t wait to conquer my fears and make them disappear, so that I can be bold to preach this gospel to the four corners of the earth. Cause I face a lot of trials that make me wanna quit, family battles, artist rivalries and persecution from the church. When I was hoping…… the devil tries to creep in like shadows in the dark, clouding my mind with false heresies, but I know he ain’t my friend is a nemesis …….I can’t wait to make the world know about my Jesus, and the great things He has done. Where would I be, if it wasn’t for Jesus? ah ! That is why I can’t wait. Chorus. Put your hands up if you can’t wait (echo) dance for the Lord if you can’t wait (echo) Jump in the air if you can’t wait (echo) scream for the Lord if you can’t wait (x2). I can’t wait (x16)” Chorus.

Here is what my partner had to say on Can’t Wait


Can’t wait, the beat already introduces you to a world of more anticipation and an unveiling of what the carry your cross concept is all about as well as the genre to expect inside to a first time listener of this unique artist. He starts with these words;”Hanzi Whistle rasa Mwenje ,nekuti nyika yese yaamurima”.The songs talks of a man well ready to go to the promised life and the composure in the lyrics shows that the mean is confident that he will definitely make it at the gate. So here we are challenged to be always ready and have that gusto to be on our way to the master yes that is really true and well ,that was well Job done and introduction to the album well conceptualized.


That life which ft. Tarry Kris and Terry Kic is track no. 4 on the album. Here Whistle talks about what he used to do and this is very much familiar to a lot of this happening even up to this day and what God offered him, which is a new life that he is living right now, in Christ. I really love the way he tells his own story which will help any person to understand and realize the truth. For those that love some reggae it’s also included in this song towards the end.

“The book of Ecclesiastics says, there is nothing new under the sun,  hahaha, yeah. Whistle, I used to  work in the city of bright lights, cause in my mind I always imagined the higher life. Surrounded by a lot of friends cause I enjoyed the hype especially girls cause everyone was my type. Too much sipping, it took my breath like a mic. Cause I wanted to live a life like 50 cent, not realizing that life is a reality and I had lost it’s sense. Jesus Christ came to me and told me I could recompense, all the months, weeks and days I had lost in delusion, and told me all I used to see was  just an illusion and mirage. So I sabotaged and pulled my life up like a garage. Picking up all the pieces, He turned my lemons into lemon juice 2nd Corinthians 5:17. It’s a message for every teen, don’t be influenced by public figures, cause deep inside, it’s just another man searching for a figure. Tryin’ to make a dollar out of 50 cents. It’s time you use your five senses, and come to terms that Jesus Christ died for your sins. Only He can save you, cause He love you.” Chorus goes something like, “I used to live that life, of fast cars, and fast lanes and fancy clothes.  I used to live that life, of alcohol, drug abuse and  dirty girls (x2).”  Yeah , so I lived that life,…………..its a fact, Jesus Christ came for all the sinners, especially me, cause I was the chief, too much unbelief. He turned all that to history, and made me custodian to all His mysteries to be deep as a poet, more eloquent than the lyricist, Christ is the reason why, I will exist. The Son of man came, that he may bring all the works of Satan to nothing. Who was going to remember the world if it wasn’t Jesus? Stiff necked  people will hear my words as if it’s foolishness. But to believers , this is the power of God. I would declare Him, till am six feet under,  but even when am underground these fake teachers will still look up to me for more revelations, cause the King’s blood is running through my veins ahh!” 

Track no. 5 Good day ft. Ceeblazer, and it goes like this, “Am gonna have a good day my brother, my gonna have a good day my sister. Whistle, nothing can keep me down, am having a good day, what more can I say, but to thank you Lord. Been through a lot of trial you with me Lord. Ndapinda mumvura, ndapinda mumoto, maiwe ndanga ndafa ndabuda muchoto. Vamwe vaifara vechigadza mapoto, ini ndichisuffer hanzi hameno ikoko, asi nhasi zvangu ini zvaita, tsoro iye manje yazobuda bhobho. Hanzi nevakuru rume rimwe harikombe churu saka ndadaidza boys dzangu kuti titende Mwari nekuti everyday is a new day for a new revelation, no more intimidation, but only more conviction because His word is my education, I feel free and I feel good, cause this is my day.” The second verse goes like, “This is my season and He has given me a reason to live so that I can testify His goodness to all creation, because it’s written, let all flesh praise the name of the Lord. Ah! Jesu wedu azvigona zvave kushamisa, taimboti tave kumberi, ikozvino tave kuseri. Fara muNashe hama mutende mazuva ako panyika. Nekuti nguva yake yatosvika, Jesu wotitora toenda kudenga, so we can rejoice, in a new heaven a new earth, new Jerusalem, a new home. And I promise you, you will never feel so alone. When you walk in the streets of gold and never live this life that is so old. So each and every day, give glory to God cause He is the King of all kings, Amen!”

We shall never ever walk alone cause Jesus is always with us no matter what! He said in His word in Hebrews 13:5 tells us that, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Apawo Ceeblazer wakagona chorus wena, “Am gonna have a good day my brother, my gonna have a good day my sister, am gonna have a good day my sister. So to say now, so to say now, so to say nowwwww. WaJesu pombonoka com’on, waJesu sununguka ahha WaJesu pombonoka cause, waJesu sununguka get it!” (x2). Everyday you just got to tell yourself that am gonna have a good day, and that you will have just have that no matter how bad the devil may want to make it, this is what makes us the children of God very different.

The sixth track on the album is Chasing the dream produced by Huniland Ent. Now the way that Whistle has killed barz on this song is just out of anyone’s imagination, you may think he be talking about chasing our dreams here on earth like I wanna be married, or I wanna buy a house or become like so and so. He be talkin’ about chasing the work that Christ left for us on this earth, that’s preaching the cross! Bammmmmmm He has managed to capture even those that are not Christian by just the title, if it’s played on it’s on. I personally love this track as well cause it also reminds me of my past and how God has been faithful to me even when people thought that my faith is nothing. AHHHHHHHHHHH pakaipa hanzikooo???????

“Hunland Ent, carry your cross, ah, Whistle. They threw me in the fire, I came back spitting hot barz, they threw me in the jungle, I came back rocking chinchilla, they threw me in they through me in the water, I came back rocking alligators’ shoes, so no matter what you put me through I will always shine like a crown jewel. It doesn’t matter if the world ignore us, we would never be an Ichabod, we’ve got the glory of the Lord shining like a bald head (woo) Am young, in stature but my dreams big to hug the body of a whale. I’ve got a story to tell but it feels like a fairy tale. Cause the happy ending is about love and grace. Christ is our strength when I’m running the race, if you’re seeking His face. Coz nowadays, it’s funny how the attention has shifted. From giving glory to the giver of the gift, to the one who’s gifted. My question is, can they someone be greater than his master? Can the living God be less than his pastor? I’ve got His anointing on my head, ichiyerera kunge rasta. His wrath is all over me reading the scriptures, opening a new chapter, so I can live happily ever after coz.

It’s high time I’ve got to chase the dream, it’s high time I’ve got to stop the screams, it’s high time I’ve got to chase my dream, and follow my heart…………… (Repeat)

Ndati ndibude musaga, nekuti vamwe vakundiona kunge tsaga. They think Christianity is only chasing vanity, they don’t know this is God’s gift to humanity. Cats asking me, Whistle why you are not secular. I will tell them homie, I will never settle for regular. I will never sacrifice my calling for been popular. Cause after all this fame; no one remembers your name. Cause a better artist will come, and then another one, and another one, and then another one, until you are history that turns into a mystery. But with Christ am storing great treasures in heaven. I may not be least in this world, but still greater in heaven. I’m chasing this dream like am a cricket fielder, until I build my future, like Bob the builder, cause with God I know nothing is impossible///////// Chorus.”

Time is track no. 7 produced by P2daoh, it straight away also quotes the bible,”The bible says, to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens. Carry your cross.  I have seen so many things in this world, now I wish I was Stevie Wonder what life has become. Now am always on tv, giving so much life to others, while am loosing my own, can’t even find my own piece of home. Cause everybody wants a piece of me. Where my real friends at, those who believed me when I had a slice. Now I gotta a cake, these gamblers roll me like a dice, I never imagined my life will be as cold as ice, am learning new things like, the difference between a celeb and a minister, that a celeb is someone that is celebrated, and a minister directs you to the one who ought to be celebrated. The bible says, humble yourself, and the Lord will lift you up. So whether I prosper or not, what matters is in the eyes of God, am celebrated. I’d rather be least in this world, while I save my relationship with God. Rather be poor while I have my God’s peace. Cause wealth without Him leave you into a broken piece, so my concern is to fulfill my mission, my commission.   To preach the gospel throughout all this earth, till my last breath, when I face death, the day when my life will flash before my eyes, I wanna make it worth to see, all the lives I changed on tours, all the people who didn’t convert, because they listened to my songs.


“This is the time we should live for Him, this is the time we should live through Him, this is the time we should live in Him. Let His spirit lead while we play the background.”

Second verse, “I’ve dedicated my life to spitting these bars; I’ve dedicated my life to fight heavenly wars. I fight the good fight, you can see these scars, God orders my steps, not all stars. Used to be called a thug, now am a true hero under God, one in the industry, already making history, I’m living for my ministry, a true minister. I am a custodian of God’s mysteries. And I have been polite, got Jesus in your head like a street pole light. I give these rappers insight; we are coming to rapture, it’s not a moment to capture. No camera selfies, social networks got weak people feeling strong, they claim they love God through chain messages. But this is my true message straight from heaven, I hear the king say, that time is near, don’t you see the signs and wonders? And ever wonder, how the more churches, the more we sinning again and getting lost in our ways, even the heathens making better decisions, they got more intuition. The church is fighting for connection like a Bluetooth. It makes me cry when I’m in the booth, how the servants are riding on horses. When the princes walk and hope for a bed of roses, never be leaders like Moses yeah, huh (x5), its high time we gotta change for the better.” 

 In this song Whistle informs the audience time is very precious and should be used purposefully in a way that will glorify our maker and not this earth. We shall be accountable for what we did individually with our time when the Lord Jesus comes back. Question is What you gonna do about it?

Last days ft Ace Tinashe is track 8 on the album. The chorus goes like this, “We livin’ in the last days, everybody wants to be in the fast lane, we livin’ in the last days, nobody wants to hear the truth noooo (x2). We are in the last days and people’s hearts are cold, no one reads the bible, people believe what they are told. But the media, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the preachers are after the money, never to change lives. It seems like if you ain’t got a penny, you ain’t anointed or chosen by God, you can’t be a leader. If ain’t driving a Rolls Royce, people entering suicide doors literally. Let me elaborate, am seeing wolves in sheep’s clothing, false teachers and false prophets hiding behind fancy labels, preaching destructive heresies. Isojesis not exegesis, Jesus said be on the watch of false prophets, so my ears wide open, I heard them say a broke man believe anything you tell him and that a rich man buys anything you sale him. But I will never listen to a fraud holding the bible cause.” Chorus, “We livin’ in the last days, everybody wants to be in the fast lane, we livin’ in the last days, nobody wants to hear the truth now (x2).”

Ace Tinashe’s verse goes like, “Whistle gave me the beat so that I had to go into the studio, should I rap for………should I rap for the ghetto chunk. Crush like a tomato, destruction after tornado. But you don’t really care though. Open your eyes, see the signs, we are in the last days, people become self-centered, lovers of money, greedy for a wealth. As long as theyn got breath, Proud and arrogant, boastful and abusive, you cannot afford it, but you’re choosing what’s expensive, the list is comprehensive………..when you do well, they become jealous, disobedient to the parents, ungrateful and unholy live your life for a rolly. Finding it hard to say sorry, nobody wants to be wrong. My mother goes to church, and she prays just to be strong, I love you mama and I had to mention you in this song, I hope I make it clear that the end is very near.” Chorus, “We livin’ in the last days, everybody wants to be in the fast lane, we livin’ in the last days, nobody wants to hear the truth now (x2).

Whistle verse 3, “In these last days, people study God, but they don’t know Him, the greatest relationship is the one beyond the ink and the pages, when you can live the words you preach, growing through stages, moving from glory to glory, telling the world your story. Cause if there is a man to pray, there is a God to listen. Choose between hot or cold, never be ambivalent, Jesus is the truth, the way and the life, this is relevant. The bible is the love letter from God to humanity, so never follow doctrines of vanity; that end in calamity, cause it is in humility where we can find sophistication, pride and arrogance are the fruits of destruction, money answers all things, but it’s love, is the root of all forms of evil. Watch what you love, cause whatever controls you, you are a slave to it, always look up to God and carry your cross each day. Yeah we’re in the last days, carry your cross, yeah whistle signing out!” 

I must say Mclyne Beats is good. Now this song right here just takes my breathe away! Whistle manages to actually relate the bible prophecies with what is currently happening and walaaaa we definitely in the last days. A lot of false prophets hiding behind fancy labels. He also talks about how people in my country also perceive church ministry these days, if you ain’t rich then there is something wrong with you, you can’t be anointed, Baaammmmm Whistle brings it out just like that and the other truth that he talks about is that many people nowadays do not read the bible anymore, they just accept what they are told. I love this song cause whistle also manages to bring out the fact that, you can not be a Christian and not know what is happening or see it, if you read your bible everyday. Munhu ngaabate shoko rake and stand on that! When things happen you are fully aware of what’s going on. It’s amazing how people want to know what will happen in the future but disregard the word of God which explicitly tells us what is going to happen and to make it even solid, some of this truth has already happened, or are already happening. Why will the rest not happen? I also love this Ace Tinashe his on point!

The next track is just so so amazing how Whistle has managed to story-tell a young lady’s past and to show that our sins may be as red as scarlet, but Jesus came to make us as white as snow check the actual verse from Isaiah 1:18 I love that verse too bits! If you have ever gone through what you gonna hear from this song and you don’t know who to talk to. You can contact us on any of our social links using the inbox facility or email us on Their is a real love and it is only found through God. Romans 5:7-8 says, Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus loves you and me the way we are and we just if you don’t believe me then take a look back at your life even if you have not given it to Christ, you will see how his grace and mercy has kept you up to this point!

So this is track number nine and it’s called Fake love, it was produced by Croft and it features Mary Mo. So the song starts by quoting, ‘1st John 4:8 the bible says “He that loveth not, knows not God, for God is love.” It seems like the world is now filled with fake love. Man! Let me tell you a story. Uhhhh Whistle, there was a young woman once upon a time. A high achiever, a lady of the faith, but what happened one day was not even part of her fate. Nobody saw it coming, like a blind date. She had lost both parents in an accident; her auntie took her in, put her through group A schools. They graduated top class at a good varsity. But all this goodness came with an adversity uhh. Her uncle used to come into her room, tried to sweep her off her feet like a dust broom. Due to his failure he started to molest her, pulled out a knife and told her, I’ll kill you if you try to tell. As an orphan living alone, was close to hell. Confused without a friend to trust, she started abusing drugs, became heartless gave her body to all the thugs. So every night she would cry alone in her room saying.

Chorus: If this love is real, why don’t I feel something, Lord help me heal, its gotta be you or nothing. Now I know. God is Love.

2nd verse, “I tried to trade places in that story and I couldn’t picture it but just to feel sorry. Like a young man blessed by God for His glory. But can’t find a woman to love him as he is, through all the glamour, the fortune and fame, its not about a good name but only find true love. Cause after all the screams and shouts at the concerts, you come back to yourself and try to keep it a secret. Lord! How people love you like a calendar, for a season, they throw you in the trash for no good reason. I see it through the window of my house, what the young girls are doing for two drumsticks and fries. I wonder how they sleep in such a bed of lies, eating sugar daddy’s lies, swallow them like medium flies. Its time you make a choice with your life. To know that real love, is found in Jesus Christ and stop screaming. ***Back to Chorus**. Mary Mo’s verse, “Am shaking, am aching, been trying to find a beacon of love, I drop down, terrified of the drop down, so am looking above. Help me wake up, cause I have never known love, me never knew love.” ***Back to Chorus***

God’s Standard is track number 10 on the album, the song features no other than Papa veZvihuta, Flabbz Madzirapper. “Whistle, madzirapper on God’s standard, Isaiah 59:19. Listen, Whistle, I just found a new remedy, I’m gonna use on the enemy. This goes to enemies, the frienenimies and those that pretend on me. Ini ndanzwa nekuripa, mabasa evakaipa, baba vakadya muzambiringa, ini ndanzwa nehugugu. Ndanzwa ne mafashamo, ndakunda murarabungu, ini ndini ndadiniko wekungofawo neshungu. Vamwe vachidhiraivha mabenz, ini ndodhraivha nehubenzi, kurara hope rugare, ini ndokutoshanda semoyo, asi handina mubairo, vamwe vaine mabonus, ini ndingori bho nhasi, zvikuda kundiwisira pasi. I need God’s standard, so that I can up my standard. When the enemy, will come like a flood, God raise a standard. Pavanoda kunditsikirira kunge All star, God will raise me to be a star. I am more than a conqueror, I’m a victor, not a victim, I’m chosen, not forsaken yeah! Pavanouya nema dzikirira, havambofa vanditsikirira. Yeah! Satan akundirwisa, ini ndakupera simba, it’s time for God’s standard (x2) zvedzinza zvandinetsa ndave kukundikana, it’s time for God’s standard (x2), husiku ndashaya hope, madzikirira hombo, it’s time for God’s standard (x2). Hurombe hwandibata, nekushaya mabasa, it’s time for God’s standard (x2). Hahhhh uri staaaa ndati staaandardddd shaaaaa. Tombo taster nyasha, Jehovha vati nda dishaaa, furnance kupisaaa, Nebuchadnezzar hauna chekubata, semukadzi ……………………..asi mukati kati iniyo hati, usatuke Holy spirit hanti, mashoko anoenda kugymu anesimba. Usataure zvisinamusoro sepillow isina kutsamirwa, carnality inounza calamity, hupenyu nerufu zviri mururimi. Wotenda munaIshe, He can navigate, wopihwa mufaro kunge murimi, mhepo vachisimudza (standard), kutenda simudza (standard). Jesu chingomuudza, mweya mutsvene anoraiser (standard). The more satani yaano attacker, the more yaachanzi no more. Hondo nemwana wenyasha, ihondo naMwari. Satani ane………. Don’t you know paspot yauri, Mwari varikuda kukupinza malevels. Wakuda kuchata, not zvepa Whatsapp standard, God is able! I am a son of God. A. of the heavenly heavenly, His anointing pour my head, breaking chains like crumbs of bread. (laugh) saPaul naSilas, cheni dzadonha kunge randi. In seven directions, muvengi, wotiza. Jehovha vakubata zibhandi.” Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk “Ndirimukundi kwete mukundikani. Nenyasha ndinogona kani, ndinoziva hakuna muchijikwa uri nani, pamambama satani worova marata like rain on the roof, neGod’s standard, Satani wakurova marata.’

I love this song as well as it is a song in season as I write it, satan  has been fighting me a lot since the beginning of the year but I ain’t giving in cause ndiri Standard sezva taurwa naFlabbz shaaaaaaaaaa! My life verse is trusting in Lord at all times Proverbs 3:5-6 I don’t ever want to lean on my own understanding Lord!

 The eleventh track is Stand Up which ft Courtney Antipas and Shingi F.K.A. Mau Mau, the track is 5:25 long with a very hard beat produced by Mclyne Beats. I know many will be very much expectant because it includes Zim’s forefathers of ZimHipHop, and yes you will not be disappointed!

Courtney Antipas opens it up as follows: “Ahhhh, man this album couldn’t be done without us in the track, what’s up Whistle, ayyy yoh Shingi! Ahhh glad to be back, man if you livin’ for His glory, if you wanna see His name lifted up, then you gotta stand up. If you’re livin’ for His glory come on stand up (x3) Jesus Christ is my Saviour so I stand up (x3) if you know you’re his son come on stand up (x3) If you know He died for you, come on stand up (x3) and help me declare His works.” (Chorus done by Courtney Antipas) “Whistle, this is not a song, but this is a manifestation, of a true son of God who is tired of facing some relegation, God is one, Christ is one, so let’s abhor all segregation. Let the real soldiers stand up. Let every Christian man up! Cause if you knee before God, then, you can stand in front of any man.  No giant can stand before me, unless am tying my shoe string.” IWEEEE! “Ask David who dropped Goliath with one swing, so am getting into the ring throwing some punches like a Muhammed Ali, cause I know that doomsday, to the lost it’s gonna be a robbery, but for those who live in Christ it’s a time for your salary. Funny how cats be shining with gold rings and gold chains, something am gonna walk on when I get to heaven.” Then comes in Shingi going hard like I don’t know!!!!! With some very very real truth that we are currently facing and many Christians are now turning an eye on some of these issues. I had to pause a little here just to get his lyrics, Whistle also helped with this too. “Which tribe of lion do you serve? Lucious’ lion or Judah’s lion? I trust in God the divine, this false media is lying. HD fantasies, propagating heresies, they are feeding and poison our seas with the devil’s philosophies, Hollywood’s agenda, opposing God on gender. Trying to be politically correct, LGBT ideology is biblically contrary to the family, it doesn’t make sense, man not even anatomically. I speak the truth, I speak the love are you hearing me? Uchavengerwa zita rangu mwanangu, mwana womukira baba pamusana pangu, vachapfungama kunaMambo semuvhango! Game of thrones, kuchafiwa Karl Drogo, chitopfeka zvombo, gadzirira hondo, dollar kana pondo, hairikupinze denga, nguva yapera, ……………. Then comes in Courtney, “ahh, am gonna stand up, you can tell a hater to sit down. I’m living for heavenly riches, press forward till I get my crown. See none of your hate is gonna phase me,00 I know whom am living for, I know whom am spitting for. Think heaven is fake now, homie it’s literal literal! My faith is so precious like minerals, am talking about diamonds and gold. It’s Jesus we all about, never gain the whole world to lose my own soul. My life is in God’s hands, cause I know God can. So let the world stand up against me, you can never stop God’s plan, it’s God’s plan. So I rap that light, all day and all night, in season and out of it. Homie we are under Him, unashamed of the gospel, never back down. His glory is thundering, my God is colossal we will bow down. ………………homie and stand up, take your cross and just man up. MC Hammer, tell the world that it can’t touch. We all about it, old lane is how we roll. Stand Up, Green light, all go! Ah!”

I won’t even say more the lyrics speak for themselves. All I can say is, this is also one of my favorite tracks from the album.

What my partner had to say about Stand Up.

Stand up suddenly shows up ft Shingirayi .This is a call to stand up for what we believe in ,The rapper mentions that in the last days its not going to be easy but that is not a reason to be cowards ,Shingirayi also tells of How Pharisees and Sadducees’ tried to cut short Jesus’ mission with their human ideologies and philosophies but he remained a misfit and didn’t compromise. He also relates some of the characters in the lines to movies like game of thrones to engage a wide range of listeners and explain the concept more clearly. Well one of the famous gospel rappers Courtney Antipas comes up with a clean third verse bringing another side of the topic where we ought not to gain man’s favours and lose our salvation. This journey is not for the unwilling and those not willing to sacrifice some of the pleasures and demands of the flesh .Well stand up brings me close to an idea of making myself nothing and making him something .This means that we are not ashamed to let go what the normal life is calling and give it all for the supernatural!


The last and final track which also happens to be my favorite is Mwedzi Muchena Ft Lessy Aldro, this is track no.12. Also produced by G.I.L beat is also amazing. I just love this track at a another level Lessy Aldro. Whistle, I continue Whistle pray everyday, that you may give me the heart, that I heard on the day you called my name before the fame and hip-hop game that many people idolize. So I can know what in the world would I prioritize? which is my salvation, that I work out with so much fear and trembling, when I go through the ups and downs like a trampoline, Lord help me, to preach the gospel with integrity, for so many things try to put me in carnality. Which is in enmity with you, I pray for revelations that will bring elevation. To all of the fainted, cause so many hearts are tainted, by the battles of life, trials and tribulations, too many incarcerations of minds. They need emancipation, God let your spirit lead so that I can give them inspiration. Mwari ndoda kusvika kwamuri, ndoda vazive imimi, ndabatwa neshungu nziri mumoyo mangu (x2). eyaheeee Mwari ndodawo vakuzivei eyaheeee mwedzi muchena chena. eyaheee Mwari ndodawo vazvione mwedzi muchena chena, eyahee (x2).” 2nd verse, “Ini ndinoda vakuzivei Baba eishhh, ndinoda kuti vakuziveiii Mwari. Kuti rudo rwenyu harutengwi nemari, shungu dzemoyo dzandibata Ishe Tenzi. Hanzi handina Mwari nekuti handina benz,hanzi handina blessing cause am not living so fancy. Zvinondibatsirei,  if I gain this whole world and lose my own soul. Lord help me carry my cross, cause I will count it all loss, to achieve my goals without a relationship with you. When I wake up, I wanna talk with you, before I sleep I wanna discuss my day with you. (something I should continue doing) I wanna be so close to you. So when I tell the world about you, I won’t feel like am talking about a stranger, or a distant relative. I want our worlds to be relative! Oh God! Mwari ndoda kusvika kwamuri, ndoda vazive imimi, ndabatwa neshungu nziri mumoyo mangu (x2). eyaheeee Mwari ndodawo vakuzivei eyaheeee mwedzi muchena chena. eyaheee Mwari ndodawo vazvione mwedzi muchena chena, eyahee (x2).  

Chatsva is a bonus track and it goes like this. “Whistle, when Jesus Christ was on the cross He said it is finished! So that means everything that hinders me it is finished! The blood redeemed me from my sins am a new man. What I did in my past, it’s irrelevant, check 2 Corinthians 5:17 (our SWITCH main verse). I was filthy with sins, thank you Lord I am clean. When the fire is set even the lame walk. And we leave the haters to doubt, let them talk. If you know that Jesus Christ is King say oh yeah (oh yeah), if you know that Jesus Christ is Lord say Oh yeah (oh yeah), if you know that Jesus Christ is your healer say oh yeah! (oh yeah) If Jesus Christ is your deliverer say oh yeah! (oh yeah).” This is the beauty about my faith the bible says in Psalms 103:11-12 says, ‘For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.’ Let me just dwell on this point a little bit. Many a times, the devil tries to remind us of our past, this has also happened to me, but this verse right here, tells us that our God has forgotten that he now looks at us with so much love which he has always done from the beginning, check Jeremiah 31:3, The Lord appeared to us in the past saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” That be my Lord!

Catch the fire, chatsva! 2nd verse, “…………………….patinorumbidza Mwari, I will be trading my sorrow, for the joy of the Lord, am not worried about tomorrow. Nyika isina mabasaaa kunamata ndobasa rangu. Nyika ichifa nenzara Jesu ndiye chingwa changu, vamwe vachirasikaaa, Jesu ndiye nzira yangu…………..” This part kills me, “….chero ukaita juice card rakanaka, rakazara, nephoni yako iripo, but ukada kuijusira pasina network unopedzisira wakutuka Econot (kkkkkkkkkkk), ugotuka neakagadzira phoni, nokia yacho, unochapedzisira wakushaudha vanhu, haisi mhosva yevese ava, nzvimbo yaurikujusira network yako hapana chiripo.”  Often this happens hey, when we totally do not listen to what God is saying. You will always get frustrated and yet if we just take time to listen to what He has to say. Most of the time he always speaks in a still small voice so we gotta always be very very attentive to listen. 1 kings 19:11-13.

What my partner had to say about Chatsva.

Whistle moves on to list up the song which was released in 2015 entitled Chatsva, a Pastor opens declaring what they want to see .The song most relates the idea of potential to kinetic meaning there is action to be realized for reproof and this can only happen when Jesus Christ is evident. Mweya yetsvina chatsva ,is one of the phrases in the song telling the listener that now we on the move .Later in the song the Pastor also talks about the need of a network and be right in the place where it can connect and that network is the Jesus that walked on this earth 2000 years back .So here we are taken from anticipation to action.



For those that love the word of God, I will tell you that it has been cited  in most, if not all of the songs on this album. In short, this album will inform you, uplift you, rebuke you, and inspire you to continually carry your cross as we await H Town!


If you have never seen Whistle perform yet well here is a sample from one of our fans 🙂



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  1. Its a 5 star album bro i love it, bt frm the Whistle i know i expcted more frm u bro,, CYC is dope bt ur Previous album bro was a 10 star to me and ts still on the top for me..that album mmmm t speaks wt me wen lstng to it…. CYC IS GOOD KEEP IT MAINTAIN UR LEVEL I LIKE T

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