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The old man said fortune knocks once ,others say nature of adventure is inevitable if it is within capacity,others put it this way ,”determination and passion if blended together,can bring nothing but accomplishment of purpose. Well all these are quite interesting and I would rather buy a piece from each thought. This is what I found out not very long back when I heard the Switch founder Joza Pilime will be releasing his album Now or Never on the 11th of June 2016. #NON

I know there is so much anticipation to this album just like how my gusto is stirred up.Early this year the man released his single $1 Copacabana which looks so un-Christian outward but loaded inside. Trying to figure out who Joza is isn’t something hard ,humans always fake to get attention and I am sure this specie of mankind simply doesn’t . There is more to expect from this album as Joza shares testimonies and relate our daily life experiences to hip hop . Juss for a moment ,what comes to your mind when someone tells you its NOW OR NEVER ,well I know there are a lot of propositions that the mind stir up ,harsh conversations imaginations and a lot of different ideas. Well personally to me it comes like a once time opportunity but lets wait and see what Joza has in this power packed much anticipated album.

As a community there is fellowship here and there I know ZimChristian Hip Hop have functional and dysfunctional areas just like any human being haS strengths and weaknesses that’s why some say it on the wedding day that my weaknesses are made perfect in your strengths. Accepting reality and find ways to engage growth in our daily activities is one of the major ways to success. Personally I see this if support of the movement comes from each dedicated member of the body and not a self centered system that worry more on personal goals than the vision at large Wait and ponder fellow beloved brothers and sisters in Christ ,its high time self edification for vision empowerment comes right away from the Christian Hip Hop Zim community. Stay blessed!

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