Nobody Owes You

Its been a while since I sat down to write some thought provoking message ,well today as I was walking to a meeting ,subconsciously I heard some one say,”if it weren’t for that guy ,i would be somewhere else”.This statement is familiar among us ,,if if if if and it gives us a lot of excuses to defend our laziness and ignorance.Whenever something bad happens to you and you are on the look out of hunting whom to blame ,you are simply killing the ability inside you to persevere and change unfavorable situations to favorable. Pain is everywhere ,you cant hide it face it or else avoid it and you will have it always.I remember Les Brown saying nobody owes you an explanation ,you owe you. We want guarantees from other people but we are not honest enough to guarantee ourselves,.Its you that is letting you down ,consuming more than you can produce. Stop the blame game and take full responsibility. Find ways to better yourself and increase your influence.Remember that to do these you need effort ,and also remember that nobody is going to give you effort ,its inside you. Another thing is love being cornered ,in that desperation you will realize your full potentiality. I always tell my friends that I cannot run ,but one day when am face to face with a lion ,i will never repeat that statement again. So yea love being in situations that can make you realize your full potentiality. Endure pain and you will have results .Lastly stop complaining ,use that energy to get out from that situation. When things are going wrong stop giving the whole world a frowned face expecting sympathy ,yes they can sympathize with you but they are simply killing you. Learn to say ,though I, though I,though I and not if if if if

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