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05 – Nielly Slick – Traded Places

Ecclesiastes 9: 11 says, ‘I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all’.

Over the weekend I was listening to an audio book by Malcom Gladwell and he also happened to quote this verse in his book David & Goliath. It is a must read! Anyways it also linked to this review right here, I can say that, this guy right here managed to grab his opportunity into spreading the word through hip hop. I am very much inspired by him, even though he is an albino he has not let that hinder him into using his gift for the glory of the Most High God.

So yeah let us continue. My first encounter with Nielly Slick Daniels was at  one of the very first SWITCH concerts which was held at Fountain of Hope Church in Arcadia. I loved his performance from there. Check it out though we might have a remix to the song kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. 

Nielly Slick a.k.a Daniel Nyamasoka is a recording and a performing Zimbabwean Gospel Rap Artist. He is known by his motto The Student Of The Spirit meaning to say everything he spit, teach and preach is learnt from The SPIRIT of God as Jesus said,”I shall send you another helper who shall teach you ALL things” (John 14:26).

The ATONEMENT |Ep| Launch By Nielly Slick had the following featuring Performances:
G.I.L, Whistle, Kudah Runit, Wadiwa Musiq, Courtney Antipas, General Jay Tee,, Martha Longwe, Mhodzi Dance (XFM:eXtreme Floor Movers), B.M.A.M And True Vine Faith Ministries Praise Team. This launch was done on Saturday the 3rd of October 2015 from 1-5pm at  I.T Centre, Opposite Eastgate or Duly’s Motors Cnr 3rd Street & R.Mugabe Road. Admission was as follows-: Adults $1, Kids $0.50 And V.I.P $2 and Cds were been sold for $2. I must say this was my first EP Hip Hop launch that had a greater number of the older folk generation and who were also geared and fired up just like the youth and were even purchasing the Cds as well. It was also good to note that Nielly’s pastors and church leadership backed up the launch by also attending. This is very much commendable. For me I would give the launch a 8/10, well done brother all glory to God!

The quality of the EP for me is simple, straight forward but very powerful, the lyrics are just as hard as the song Goin’ Hard lol. It’s all talking about the atonement of God and how Nielly Slick has received this and wants to share it with everyone. I have uploaded the EP track list so that you can have a listen to it.

Let’s get Straight into the songs. The first song which is the EP’s title, “The Atonement”- Track 1 Produced by Anto Grace Composed and Peformed by Daniel Nielly Slick” Nyamasoka Recorded ,Mixed and Mastered by Courtney Antipas at C.A Studios. The song starts off by quoting John 3:16-17 which says For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. ‘.………………………..I see the lamb of God without the blame, getting slayed on the cross to reconcile aspect to God and sanctify humanity……..before crucifixion he was God in the flesh and the shepherd of the sheep, became a scapegoat and the sun became dark like an eclipse’……………and grace got’s us all in the most holy place, no Jew no gentile no blood of the animals,…. just the blood of Jesus…… he standeth by the door and He knocking, you ought to let him in……….., be at one with your maker, listen with your heart, man’s blood speaketh better x3′. This is a 1:55 min song but my oh my it fully explicitly explains it all! It is impossible to put into words the full meaning of the Atonement, which is the most important and most transcendent event in the history of the world. Through His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, the Savior atoned for our sins. This is the good news for all people! Very true indeed Nielly man’s blood speaketh better, listen with your heart, Jesus came for you and for me and you have managed to explain it all in 1:55min.

The second track of the EP is “Not Alone”, this is a 4:07 min song which just shows that Jesus came and suffered for you and me. He did it for me! “Dear Father in Jesus name I bow before your throne, you build yourself a church and you be the cornerstone, you wore the crown of thorns just to get me into the heavens ………… you always got my back just like a backbone, persecuted by your own out of church you were thrown,………………..your did it all for me, you did it for my soul, way before I was born………….you were placed outside the city walls, you did it for me, for my very soul.So am not alone……………yeah! Father God give me strength, not to do the opposite of what the spirit wants……………..I want to be like you, and I wanna be like Steven, be rigid on my faith even when am facing death! …………...Lord I need your grace, cause I wanna see your face, but my eyes are seeing dirt. Take away the lust, take away the pride, give me self-control. When I see them thwacking, rocking mini-skirts, wouldn’t wanna blame the gift, cause I know it’s perfect, I have given you my heart, but they wanna the same thing, all I need is you not the girls, not the fame, neither riches of the world. Bless me with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I never wanna perish because of lack of knowledge, I thank you for your love Jesus Amen!  I love the next part this is as real as the brother can get and I give him enough respect for that! YEAP !!!!!!!!!!! Our Lord died at the tree, and he rose on the third day and He said, He said I’m with you till the end of the world, so don’t be afraid, cause we’ll in grace, we’all in good hands, we’all in Christ, we’all in everything, we’ll in love, we’ll in perfect peace, we in this hope and we will see His face”.  Definitely we are never alone, if you haven’t read about the suffering of the apostles inclusive of Stephen mentioned in this song go and read the Bible, the book of Acts from chapter one till the end. Stephen is in the 5th chapter!This track was produced by Anto Grace Composed and Performed by Daniel “Nielly Slick” Nyamasoka and Anthony “Anto Grace” Nyamayaro Recorded ,Mixed and Mastered by Omicheal at R.W.C Music.

Track 3 and 5 Produced by Nielly Slick Composed and Peformed by Daniel Nielly Slick” Nyamasoka Recorded ,Mixed and Mastered by Courtney Antipas at C.A Studios. These are Zvirikufaya kuChurch and Traded places respectively. “Zvirikufaya kuchurch handiuye kubhawa, zvirikufaya kuChurch handidzoki kubhawa. ………goin’ hard for Jehovah who made the universe, shura handidzokere, nditori train isina reverse………….ndokunda zvepanyika, so like Jordan ndiri muair, handisi mukati mevhiri, asi ndiri kufamba mumweya……….naJesus ndiri safe, asi handiwachiswe….zvebhawa zvakasara cause kudenga hakuna hwahwa, zvakumaker sense”. The song just shows why and how Nielly Slick and the rest of the young saved youth enjoy church better than going to the bar and pubs. Very true indeed Nielly a life without Jesus is nothing, you can have everything in the world but without Jesus you have nothing! Why would 12 apostles die for a person? because they had lived and stayed with him, seen him die whilst they abandoned Him and seen him as a resurrected being again for 40 days. So yes this is a man that you ought to consider to give your life too if you haven’t yet. This is the same man that we all go crazy for including Nielly Slick!


Track 4 -“Goin’ Hard” was produced by Benny B Composed and Performed by Daniel “Nielly Slick” Nyamasoka and Kudzaishe “Tha Missionary” Chigwedere Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Benny B at S.G.K Records. This song also has a hard beat, yeapppppp we goin’ hard for our Lord Jesus! “……………..touch me Lord, like an iPad, no tablet, I have lost slick Saints of God be my clique,Nielly slick be my name, am too lame to be chasing fame! winning souls be my aim. Student of the spirit, Holy Ghost my teacher man, ……………if you end up not for Jesus, it ain’t real, cause we live in the Father, and I live in Him and he showed me the way, …………………he is the way the truth and the life, he is the light , my Jesus……….am talking Jesus not Martin Luther.” Jesus Christ is the only person we should go hard after for cause he is the way the truth and the life, John 14:6. Many Christain end up chasing the fame and not the one who gave it all for us, good example whould be from Acts8:9-24 passage about Simon the sorcerer. Food for thought right their.


Traded Places is track # 5. Nielly Slick brings to light how Jesus traded places for all of us, and died in my place. I have seen His face and I live by grace. This is a powerful track, for the wages of sin, be death, He became a sinner, and died in my place, so am never going down, I’mma live forever………………I’m all about the gospel………….do you really think, no heaven, no hell? In the end, where you gonna be? This is a very good question that we should ask ourselves, when I die where am I going to go. Nielly Slick even talks about the rapture, the second coming of Christ, we will live eternally all because of His grace and mercy that we never ever deserved. He further thanks the Lord for trading places and dying in his place and also my place. I have surely seen his grace! I once read somewhere that our challenge is to live lives of purity and integrity that honor our Heavenly Father. Yet, when we do fail, we do not need to fear abandonment or ridicule from our Father. We have an Advocate who will carry us through.


The final track of this EP is a (Bonus) track produced by Alex da Kid Composed and Peformed by Daniel “Nielly Slick” Nyamasoka and Manasa “Neil” Chabata Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Omicheal at R.W.C Music. Some people were thinking that this song is titled Jesus oh Messiah kkkkkkkkkkk but actually the title track of this song is On my side. I love this track too bits! 2:56 mins

“Jesus on my side x2 Jesus on my side, man he put me under map…………..I’m ma win the race, I can fall seven times, and rise again eighth, not by mighty nor by power (Zechariah 4:6), his ever on my side, give him all the praise, if you know he be on your side, my life be Christlike. In me dwell inside like a baby in the womb, never leave nor forsake , am sticking to His word.. Just like super glue, ain’t conformed to the world, I hope you got a clue like Busta rhymes in a song, you can call me pastor rhymes, preaching sermon in a round, with my eyes be on Him, like am power-point, Jesus never disappoints, so am never going to hell. Am saved by His grace, and saved by the bell, if praying was a crime, I would have been in jail, I’ve got Jesus on my side and I’ve got Him inside come on !


If not for the grace Lord I would have been a…………… saw me in the ……………..and asked are you ready?……………………….Lord I need your touch, just like an iPhone, when I tap the anointing I speak life to the bones. I’m young Jeremiah, I’ve got fire in my bones. The devil might be fooled………………cause I’ve got my G, am talking …………….cause am walking with the Master, slain on a cross, on the third day he rose, I’ve got Jesus on my side, I don’t fear nothing, I’ve got Jesus on my side, just like a close homie. It’s better not to be born than to live without Him homie”!

Well I will agree with you 100% right their that it’s better not to be born than to live and die without Him (Jesus) our Lord and creator of everything!

Nielly would like to thank all the artists, graphic designers and producers that he worked with on this project ,my family for the support and above all God who divinely blessed me with the talent and called me to minister his WORD through Rap lyrics.

I know some of you may be wondering how did he start this whole rapping item and why rap, well Nielly said this on an online interview with Tafadzwa Kachiko on the 14th of September 2015, just before the EP was launched.

Nielly Slick: I am a gospel rap artist who got on e map in 2012 with the songHolla @ Me Lord ft General JayTee. This airplay on PowerFm by DJ BK. The Atonement basically has the message that revolves around christian faith ,that’s the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as we all know that He died on e cross n rose in three days, Why he had to do that? Waz to sanctify and reconcile mankind back to God by his own blood as e ultimate sacrifice ,now no blood of bulls and goats used could  cleanse humanity but only his blood. So now we at-one-ment with God ,Atonement.

Tafadzwa Kachiko: Relating your message 2th contemporary world, or Zimbabwe wat z th significance of yo new album?

Nielly Slick: From a christian perspective, it aims to reach out mostly to the youth and young adults mostly or even elderly people with a positive message that impact they lives positively. The music industry has been polluted , some talkin bout drugs, sex n violence ,i feel tbat is leading many astray, now its a high tym we redefine e gAme At the same preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tafazwa Kachiko: So y did u choose 2mek it rap and not the Charamba way or Mathius Mhere way?

Nielly Slick: Thnk u sir, Mkoma methias 2gtha with e charambas are great artists learnt alot from their music I got introduced to rap by a cousin wen I was in hyskul n i fell in love wit it snce i loved poetry By then i had nva listnd to christian rap i quited coz i cldnt relate to th lyrics , Until i stambled on christian rap website in 2011,thts wn I started pening lyrics. I also had the youths and young adults in mind, but e funny part z ,m gtin a mo positive frm olda folks.

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