Be Vigilant Girl

Stereotyping cannot be accepted as a right thing neither can we rule it off as invalid. Women are believed to be submissive, passive, affectionate, and fragile, well this is not a fact and neither can it be ruled off as a poor myth. The world has given us nature and divinity has given us a contradicting phenomena.

I remember talking to one God fearing lady, telling me how the devil tried to attack her by using a well trusted man. I came to some conclusion that, when they said do not trust anyone they really were concerned about the welfare of individuals.

I realized that women are exposed to danger of unjust treatment by unjust man than man are, the reason being the makeup of creation. A lot of man have taken on that advantage and capitalized for their downfall .The assumption that everyone who goes to church and cries during worship is holy, is a pure wrong supposition. Everyone runs their own agenda and i would like every girl to know that. Just because someone looks serious on the face doesn’t mean he is serious inward.

Well let us break it down here, if we acknowledge our physical understanding of life as an imperfect one then we should be concerned about being in relationship to a perfect decision making principle and that is one based on Gods` word. The reason why people stereotype and use prejudice is because they have been hurt to the most and reason why they have been hurt is because they trusted people who never earned or deserved that trust. So when the person has wronged you, you lose esteem, confidence and self valuation and can no longer believe in yourself.

A lot of women empowerment schemes are run in order to make women stand up from being the affected part, there is also empowerment that comes from divine intervention. The moment you start looking at yourself as a mere woman, then you have affiliated yourself with the world definition and you are more likely to live your life precisely that way.

There are bad tares in the church ,just be careful on whom you tolerate and never throw yourself on someone and be obsessed to it ,desperation brings slavery, also another thing is on borrowing ,the bible teaches us that the moment you borrow you have become a slave to that person. This means you have given them the power to have an influence over you .Avoid doing things that will put you under someone but rather dominate and overtake.

What we have to do then is taking life and look at it through a bird’s eye, not any man deserves your trust. No matter how godly or holy they might seem, it isn’t in your place to give trust to him, but it is God that lives in you that can only determine that. A lot of people are heartbroken, crying, thinking that life has not been fair, yes it shouldn’t be so because the presence of grace means the presence of favor and favor is not just, so your assignment is to always find yourself aligned on the better side of the wheel. Be smart in your final decisions .

much love

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