Not proud to say that I left CHH , and also i’m not apologetic for leaving it -BRYTHREESIXTY FINALY BREAKS SILENCE AFTER CHH EXIT

Not proud to say that I left CHH , and also i’m not apologetic for leaving it -BRYTHREESIXTY FINALY BREAKS SILENCE AFTER CHH EXIT

SWITCH-Q).Since leaving Chh,whats been Brythreesixty up to recently.
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) Been out and about , making music and creating numbers . it’s been a tough and long road I won’t lie
.SWITCH-Q) .What make you keep pushing hip hop.You came in the game around 2010 and you’re still pushing?
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) It’s the love passion and drive that keeps me going , If you really love what you do you keep pursing it nomatter what. Same as a man who loves a girl he purses her till he wins her heart thats how I can put it me and HipHop are in love. I’m a go getter I go and get what I want that’s what keeps me in the game
SWITCH-Q) .since leaving CHH,you have had a huge musical impact outside CHH.Do you think your departure from CHH caused the success.
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) .Not proud to say that I left CHH , and also i’m not apologetic for leaving it , I didn’t want to raise alot of questions and the authenticity of CHH by how I conducted my business , I also did want to end up tarnishing other CHH colleagues who were putting in so much work , so I thought to drop the label and I do what I wanted to do no limits no boundaries in terms of how I present my work , were I perform ,who I feature . Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong about CHH , I still have a lot of friends in CHH , we talk , I even ask for spiritual advice , some did cut their communication with me and some still check on me I respect those ,they doing true ministry which is to check on a brother. Be thy brother’s Keeper

SWITCH-Q) ..What Happened to Christhood?Are you still together or the group is nomore?
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) Christhood is no more we served in CHH for a season and due to circumstances we can’t control we did slit cause of some members relocating to SA
SWITCH-Q) some people,particulary other artists claimed that you left CHH for fam and money.Thoughts?
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) .I don’t know man people always got something to say , I was even more famous in the CHH circle I did put in so much work that some can’t catch the achievements I did as CHH. Money wise check our economy you will know the answer, I clearly stated my reasons for leaving CHH.

Few churches do support CHH , also those that do , they shelf their talented artists. What good is a book when it is on the shelf , it pains me how CHH artists are treated out there , its like they come second on everything ,even now I still believe they more doper than circular rappers out there , but were are they ????

Other thing CHH do pay studio time , the church want to use them for free no payment ,yet every Sunday u support the church by either paying your tithes and offerings

CHH artists in some churches are treat as rebels , people who have accepted worldly music and Christianised it

SWITCH-Q) During your time with CHH and now…what differencence do you see in CHH.?
BRYTHREESIXTY.( A) . As I was in CHH , I remember we had many shows , link ups , now I don’t see non at all these days, if they are people do invite me I would love to link up with the Gang Gang

SWITCH-Q) You have have grown to be a producer with a studio.How is it going?
BRYTHREESIXTY . Its going well learning new skills im the master of my own wave now and I know which sound to feed people
SWITCH-Q) .Some CHH fans were disappointed when you left CHH.Tell us why did you leave.What made you leave
BRYTHREESIXTY . I think I answered why I left , Im sorry to those I did disappoint , if they love me they should pray for me

SWITCH-Q) .Do you still listen to CHH,if so who is your current fav CHH artist at the moment
BRYTHREESIXTY Yah I do still love CHH im up to date with what’s happening who dropped what , my favorites are Sevin , Derek Minor & Selah The Corner
SWITCH-Q).Do you sometimes feel you wanna go back to Chh..if so why.if not why
BRYTHREESIXTY .I’m sure I have some CHH related tracks I do and I’m sure do wanna work with CHH artists

SWITCH-Q). Some artists claimed they reached you when you announce your decision to leave Chh.How far true is that.If so what did you guys talk about
BRYTHREESIXTY .Yes some did I thank them , some were bout to release diss tracks

SWITCH-Q). Do you feel CHHzim is dead now without you?
‘BRYTHREESIXTY .I’m not in the position to say it , its disrespect to those who putting in so much work , CHH is alive As long as y’all guys stay as one . shout out to JSOLDIER , Switch crew , Courtney Antipas , Calna , Cverb , GIL , Whistle and others whom I failed to mention
SWITCH-Q) .Purple Mars.Whats behind purple mars.
‘BRYTHREESIXTY Purple Mars is my imaginary planet I created my lonely creative work space , a home which no one can disturb my peace. Purple is Color of Royalty so its my place of dominion im a King there

SWITCH-Q) What happened to your beef with Tate Da it still on?
‘BRYTHREESIXTY Love that guy he showed me something that some rappers failed to show me , it was a studio beef not that deep

SWITCH-Q) .We all know The hit Konzeresa its your song.Its still a mystery by now why d.js were saying its mudiwas song
BRYTHREESIXTY .Its automatic he had a bigger name than mine the time it dropped and also DJs didn’t put their hands on the OG song so they had the remix so he did put me on, Mudiwa did open some doors with that jam, Shout out to Him
SWITCH-Q) People say you are the king of Trap.Do you aggree?
BRYTHREESIXTY. The proof is in the pudding , people cronwed me so I accepted

SWITCH-Q) You haven’t talked about your love life in public.Tell us more..Is Mr Bry taken?
BRYTHREESIXTY .If I could explain my love life with a move it would be titanic 1 & 2 if they is a 2

SWITCH-Q) Finaly whats your future plan with music.Any upcoming projects
‘BRYTHREESIXTY. I’ m still here and maybe balanc3 II or Purple Mars Quattro

Thanks for the opportunity to tell the world myside bro 👏

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